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How We Help


How We Help 

How we help No comprehensive program exists in society to fill effectively the development needs of tweens and teens quietly slipping through the crack, here’s how we help…

Helping at risk girls At-risk schools exist, foster homes exist, juvenile delinquent programs exist, substance abuse programs exist, and community/education groups all exist

Girls have personal issues Underlying personal issues have often already manifested and begun to take deep root by the time these solutions are posed to youth

GIP Programs GIP, an entity, collectively-organized to act as glue to these programs, making them more successful and providing missing services to ensure young girls are best positioned to realize their full potential in life



GIP “the missing piece to the puzzle”


girls in power program Providing a comprehensive learning-based program strategically designed to fill this void– providing girls with the right perspective, insight, education, and life skills during this challenge time in their lives

making a difference GIP acts as “the missing piece to the puzzle” in society

girls in power program We connect to other programs providing unique developmental services that lead to sustained self-esteem and success

empowering curriculum Curricula implemented through Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic modalities appealing to all youth furthering tweens and teens overall impact and success

Flagship Workshop Training Program (“The Program”)


girls in power program 10-week, 12-week program’s and Special 1-day Events led by volunteers within their community who are leaders and specialists desiring to impact youth.

self esteem through GIP Our focus is to promote self-efficacy and to teach tweens and teens to become mindful contributors to society

girls in power program Girls experience warm connections with women so they establish clear and firm boundaries and with freedom enabling girls to be real

making connections Committed to bringing professional women to connect, lead and mentor girls

well being The Program is multidimensional, to develop and nurture the youth’s entire well-being.




Core elements in “The Program” include:


girls in power mentors Developing a personal action plan based on assessment of goals, life mission, and personal attributes

making a difference Providing tools for success across emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, financial, and community dimensions

developing a routine Developing a personalized daily routine and weekly monitoring plan to fuel success

ongoing support Providing an on-going support network of peers and mentors

safe environment Providing a safe environment for self-expression

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