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Demi Lovato, The X Factor, and Girls In Power

I just read an article by Leanne Aguilera, “News/The X Factor: Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell Sound Off on Who Holds the Power This Season—Watch Now!”

Demi Lovato, the sophomore judge on The X Factor this season, says “the theme of this year’s show is definitely girl power.” Simon Cowell is looking overwhelmingly outnumbered and the 3 to 1 ratio is very similar to the GIP program. Girls in Power has been operating workshops which are gender specific and uses reputably effective approaches to prevention, including: consistent mentorship, positive role models, supportive peer groups, interactive teaching methods, culturally specific programming, gender specific programming, and experiential education.

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My focus on girls was motivated by a desire to build a strong foundation through a gender-specific program and through successful facilitation for Girls, first, before making the flagship curriculum available to boys. Gents in Power is coming soon!

“Simon Cowell, the soon-to-be father says that even though he’s outnumbered on the panel, he has no intentions of losing his power position as the judge who started it all. Girls are running the show right now but that will change, trust me, he promised.”

Demi Lovato joins the series, The X Factor with mentor Simon Cowell, and feels “she can bring a lot from her experiences.” Demi states, “That’s fun having a bunch of women on that panel, because it’s like girl power and it brings a lighter energy to the show. Instead of having feuds on the panel, there’s actually … It’s all positive,” Lovato said. “Therefore it makes it fun to watch.”

Reporting on How Boys Lost Out to Girl Power, Karen L Doyle R.N. the Co – Founder of Choicez Media, states, “The fact that girls are becoming ever larger majority at most American colleges, many educators are beginning to think boys should get more attention.”

Some people believe, there were all these special programs put in place for girls, and no one paid any attention to boys; according to Karen L Doyle.

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Why gender matters:

Leonard Sax says, “convinced that boys and girls are innately different and that we must change the environment so differences don’t become limitations and the most surprising differences between girls and boys may be outside the brain.”

“If you have a man and a woman looking at the same landscape, they see totally different things,” asserts Leonard Sax, a physician and psychologist whose book Why Gender Matters came out last month. Sax continues, “Women can see colors and textures that men cannot see. They hear things men cannot hear, and they smell things men cannot smell. Since the eyes, ears and nose are portals to the brain, they directly affect brain development from birth on.”

Stanley Kurtz reports, “Paradoxically, Sax says, gender-neutral education favors the learning style of one sex or the other, and so only drives men and women into the usual stereotyped fields. The best way to raise your son to be a man who is caring and nurturing, says Sax, is to first of all let him be a boy. The best way to produce a female mathematician is to first of all let her be a girl. . .” I think Sax is on to something and I agree let girls be girls and boys be boys.

Gents in Power, the soon to be released program from Melinda Rae, the Founder of GIP Foundation, will include using natural assets that boys bring to learning. Just as GIP did with girls, teaching the curriculum keeping in mind how every student learns in their own way, and knowing in typical classroom settings, “girls were generally a better fit for the verbal-emotive, sit-still, take-notes, listen-carefully, and multitasking” as reported by Kelley King and Michael Gurian.

Gents in Power will focus using altering strategies to accommodate “the more typically discussed male natural assets teachers customary view that boys bring to learning—impulsivity, single-task focus, spatial-kinesthetic learning, and physical aggression—as problems” as reported by Kelley King and Michael Gurian; however GIP Foundation and Melinda Rae will lock arms with some very intuitive and wise advisors, Mothers, Fathers, teachers and psychologist to deliver a powerfully effective platform to teach young men to be leaders with a confident and caring heart.

Gents in Power is developing a cutting edge program for boys with the intention of providing learning and opportunity for the best outcome for boys over the long-term.

GIP will offer a comprehensive approach in the community to boy’s education and life-skills; creating an environment for learning and teaching so that the needs of boys are specific and used in a deliberate manner in order to developing the Men we need.

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